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Following his recent definition of "media visualization", Lev Manovich and his students have developed various visualizations about media collections that aim to retain the presence of the actual visual objects (e.g. images, video).

By arranging thousands of magazine pages into single high resolution images (e.g. 11550 x 6480px), one can investigate the gradual temporal changes over long historical periods. Accordingly, they have created visualizations of 125 years worth of Popular Science magazine, the issues of Science magazine from the beginning of publication in 1880 to 1906, or the covers of every issue of Time magazine published from 1923 to summer 2009.

Analyzing the historical changes in the graphic design of Popular Science magazines, one can perceive how photographs and hand crafted illustrations were replaced by graphs and then by depictions of key technologies of modern society that are typically affected by academic research. After comparing Science with Popular Science in the 1880s, they discovered that the latter was originally more "scientific", and over time the 1 magazines reversed their visual strategies.


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