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Here is the ideal top-10 Christmas shopping list for the data-addicts of today. If this is not sufficient, you are also welcome to check out the information aesthetics shop.

Here we go:

chad_hagen_gift.jpg1. Nonsensical Infographics Poster ($20-$1000)
Because these posters actually make more sense than most online infographics. And are more beautiful.

shopping_flurry.jpg2. Ambient Devices Flurry ($80)
Because you only use your Chumby to check the time and the weather, anyway.

retro_clock.jpg3. Retro Flip Down Clock ($72) or Skeleton Retro Flip Down Desk Clock ($63)
Because you do not like the electromagnetic radiation of your brand new Flurry next to your head while you sleep, after all.

beautiful_books.jpg4. Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions ($35) (Amazon.com) and Beautiful Visualization: Looking at Data through the Eyes of Experts ($52) (Amazon.com)
As this blog demonstrates on a daily basis, it is practically impossible to merge astonishing beauty and understandable visualization. And so they wrote a couple of books about it.

withings.jpg5. Withings Wifi Body Scale ($156) (Amazon.com)
The combination of a high-bandwidth wireless internet connection and a body scale. Now add Twitter and consider all the possibilities! In the meantime, WikiLeaks is listening. And your wife will love it.

movie_narratives_poster.jpg6. xkcd Movie Narratives Poster ($15)
As xkcd gets more sophisticated, it even influences scientific research in visualization.

toothbrush_gift.jpg7. Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 Rechargeable Toothbrush ($100) (Amazon.com)
Because you even want to be entertained when brushing your teeth. Think of the dynamic changing measurements of the visual pressure sensor, professional quadrant timer, replacement brush head alert, and bathroom clock, all merged into your still display-less bathroom. Actually, they had that much information on their hands, they even could not fit it all on a single display.

fitbit_gift.jpg8. fitbit Wireless Trainer ($140) (Amazon)
Because you always wanted to map your physical activity, and the Philips DirectLife device (on the list last year) is somehow not doing it for you.

nooka_gift.jpg9. Nooka Zub Zayu ($175) or the TokyoFlash Kisai Satellite ($95)
Some watches are so sophisticated, they even require a sleep mode. And everyone else is wearing an iPod Nano on their wrist, anyway.

tshirt_gift.jpg10. Human Being T-Shirt ($28)
Cool font + infographics + t-shirt + inside joke = ?.