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PlaceSurvey [lsr-online.org] from the City University London's giCentre is another powerful example for the visualization of (extremely) relevant, open data, targeting the public-at-large. The goal of this sophisticated data visualization is to enable both the staff and citizens of Leicestershire County Council (LCC) to better understand the driving factors behind the public satisfaction with local services and amenities. Using a combination of interactive maps and data graphics, the council should now be able to better tailor its services according to feedback from its residents, while citizens have the chance to become more aware of the general attitudes and opinions within their own neighborhood. In short, PlaceSurvey is a combination of Open Data and transparent governance at its best, with advanced but usable data visualization as the powerful communication medium.

The data is based on the results of a survey of about 8,000 citizens living in Leicestershire's 134 electoral wards, which asked how happy they were with their area, and the services they are offered in their area. Questions ranged from how satisfied residents are with the quality of refuse and recycling collections, to whether they felt well-informed about how their council tax is spent.

The expectation is that public visualizations like these will encourage people to reflect on what they value about their community and to find out what neighbours think across the county, while also providing for a greater awareness and understanding of what their council is doing in their immediate locale.

For those experienced data visualization addicts between us: press 'A' to see the 'Advanced' options.




Very nice way to visualize survey data. I wish cities in The Netherlands would do things like this.

Fri 10 Dec 2010 at 1:29 AM
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