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The Ontology Explorer [science-metrix.com] provides an interactive interface for exploring the multi-lingual classification of scientific journals retrieved from the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier). Both databases provide half a billion references indexed from over 20 million source items (scientific papers, conference proceedings, and a lesser number of book series). The resulting visualization thus reveals the links between about 175 scientific specialties in 18 languages, ranging from Arabic to Swedish. The journal classification, which covers 15,000 peer-reviewed scientific journals, was translated by more than 22 international experts who volunteered their time and expertise.

The visualization contains 3 different views: a circular "Subfield Citation Wheel" (representing both citations as well as references), a "Field Citation Wheel" (showing the links between distinct scientific disciplines) and a network "Map of Science" (revealing similarities between disciplines by relative distance). The goal of this visualization is to show people how science spans a broad universe and how interlinked scientific research actually is.




*a thousand generative linguists shake their fists in impotent rage*

Tue 21 Dec 2010 at 6:13 AM
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