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"The world we live in is awash with data, that comes pooring in from everywhere around us. On its own, this data is just noise and confusion. To make sense of data, to find the meaning in it, we need a powerful branch of science: statistics!" The promising ideas behind the BBC television series "The Joy of Stats" have been posted a few weeks ago. Quite recently, the documentary has been made available online at YouTube (UPDATE: link disappeared, try this one instead for now) for those people happening to be living outside of the UK.

If the previous YouTube link might not longer work, you can also watch Rosling's exciting exposé at the website of the Open University [open.ac.uk]. There, the documentary has been divided into short episodes. You can watch snippets like "Why you might go up a hill, but come down a crime victim", starring Michal Migurski and Eric Rodenbeck presenting their San Francisco Crimespotting. Or "Above Average", showing amazing constant phenomena in social statistics. Seems perfect for those cosy Christmas evenings. Or, dive back into history, and enjoy "The Lady With A Data Visualisation", about the data graphics created by Florence Nightingale.


Watch also Journalism in the Age of Data: Visualization as a Storytelling Medium.


The new link doesn't work anymore either..

Tue 11 Jan 2011 at 1:50 AM
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