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For the year 2011 Simon Elvery has set some high goals: he aims to collect a complete record of his geographic location during the whole year. In addition, he will be be analyzing (and maybe opening up?) the data, and publishing the results as a collection of interactive charts, graphs, maps and statistics.

All the Places I Go [alltheplacesigo.com], therefore, is another infographic interpretation of Nicholas Felton's annual reports, but here the report is solely focused on geographical location, it will be regularly updated, and the graphs are interactive. The website currently features some "low-hanging fruit", like the locations he frequents the most or spends the most time, the division between time spent at home and at work or the kilometers traveled so far. As far as I understand, these features will be get more sophisticated over time (e.g. path animations, comparisons over time or the inclusion of other online data sources like Flickr, Twitter or last.fm).

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