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Geckoboard [geckoboard.com] is a status board that centralizes and shows various real-time vital data in a single place, including web analytics, CRM, support, infrastructure, project management, and sales. Or, put in other words: Geckoboard is a wet dream coming true for any data addict with an open, semi-public office and a spare screen laying around. In fact, because the interface is online and modular, it can be show on a wide variety of screens, ranging from a 60" monitor to an iPad or smart phone.

As an early beta tester, I can attest its ease of use: the interface configuration works around choosing and setting up a set of predefined widgets, that hook into the most popular online APIs, such as Basecamp (Project Management), ChartBeat (Web Analytics), email ( IMAP/POP, Gmail, Google Apps Email), Get Satisfaction (Customer Service), Google Analytics (Web Analytics), RSS Feeds. Text (Custom Alerts and Messages), Twitter (Social Media), and many more.

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