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As David McCandless is not busy enough being god smacked in television interviews or marveling large audiences with compelling stories about his beautiful infographic work, he now also took on the challenge to divulge the design process [informationisbeautiful.net] behind several of his past information design works.

In my experience, it is truly exceptional that a talented visualization designer provides access to the dirty and tedious work that happens behind-the-screens. But the more and the sooner upcoming talent can understand visualization is a serious design activity as much as a scientific undertaking, the better the field will be able to proof its true value, and eventually escape its urge to mount the current viral media trap.

Four different how-to's have been released so far:
. An exoplanet infographic for Wired UK Magazine (26 drafts, 3 designers, 3 researchers).
. The Time Travel in TV and Film Overview (36 versions).
. The cover of his book The Visual Miscellaneum (that is 91 of them).
. And Versioning (14 versions, during 2 months, with 3 designers).