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Every NBA Slam Dunk Contest Video Visualization [hoopism.com] breaks down every NBA slam dunk contest (1984 to 2010) by dunk, year, and score. In particular, the interface provides immediate access to the video footage of any dunk without having to search through hours of film.

The interface shows 3 rounds per year and up to 3 dunks per round. Some years there were 2 rounds and some rounds anywhere from 1 to 3 dunks. Placing the mouse over the circle will reveal the player, year, round, dunk and score. Gray circles mean they were lacking video for that dunk, which is a problem for particular years.

With the blissful grace of the NBA copyright overlords, the (carefully annotated) videos will hopefully stay online for many years to come.


I love these videos. I'm curious if a quirk of the interface affects other users the way it did me. When you click to advance the timeline forward or back, because there was no sliding animation, I assumed that the result would be a "next page" type of thing, rather than the "slide over one year" that it is.

Still, this is an awesome way to showcase the collection.

Thu 03 Feb 2011 at 4:53 AM
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