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Did you feel the disturbance in the force? Conceptual thinker Ben Cerveny and visualization-guru Tom Carden, both from Stamen Design in their previous life, have just launched a new visualization venture, called bloom. Bloom seems to focus on "pop-cultural instruments for data expression and exploration", creating "new type of visual discovery experiences" that help people see "patterns and rhythms in the online services you care about". Or, put in different words, they promise to present an "ever-changing, ever-increasing variety of views onto the world's most popular web services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram, and so on". One can only get very excited and curious after reading all this...

In addition, Bloom was recently able to attract Robert Hodgin, known from his blog Flight 404 and projects like the audio-visual synchronized animation Solar.

Bloom is now showcasing their very first 2 visual data experiences. Fizz [bloom.io] is a bubble diagram that provides a unique view on your Twitter or Facebook network, with big circles denoting people, and small circles the according status updates. Cartagram maps popular images from Instagram.

We'll certainly hear much more form Bloom, and in the meantime wish them all the luck in the realm of virtuoso (but sometimes all too quickly Google-acquired) data visualization startups.