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Pennant [pennant.cc] is beautiful. No, it is even better: it is an interactive history of all the details that make up baseball history, comprising all the events of more than 115,000 games that took place between 1950 and 2010. You'll need an iPad though.

Pennant contains all the usual suspects of the current infographic style book: expect flip charts, circular bar graphs, and the kinematically-enhanced bubbles, now for your finger tips. The different visualizations provide an historical overview of any team's complete overall history (since 1950) and contrasts any team's season to the rest of the league. Alternatively, the app gives access to the result of every game within a season and every event within any selected game. Lastly, it features an interactive timeline, that recaptures each play in each game.

The play-by-play data is obtained from the open-source records available at Retrosheet and The Baseball Databank. Pennant is split into 4 distinct views, each with its own 3 sub-views. The Select a Team view allows the user to find the team they are looking for and view its history. The Select a Season view shows the overall performance of a team throughout its existence. The Select a Game view shows results of each game within a season and the teams standings on any given day. Finally, the Game View shows each game in depth down to the at-bat level.