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The project called Seed Drawings is an experiment on visual emergent algorithms (think Cellular Automata, L-systems, swarming, ant colony optimization, and the like), but then applied to the online labor marketplace Amazon Mechanical Turk. Each Seed Drawing is an aggregate of many smaller drawings, all produced as copies of one another.

Over a 3 month period, thousands of individuals were solicited to copy small simple line drawings. As each copy was completed, it in turn was replicated by other Mechanical Turk workers. Each small drawing is produced by a single individual with no knowledge of the overall forms and structure within the larger drawing. This iterative process of copying produces growth-like structures in which different patterns of order and large-scale structures emerge. These larger drawing characteristics are purely the result of local interactions: beyond the writing of the algorithm, no single individual is making larger decisions for the group.

Next to some beautiful graphics, the project also shows how some people really do not like to do like they were told...

Watch the movie below.

Via @mtchl.