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The Christian Aid 'History of Poverty' [povertyover.com] is a quite sophisticated and 3D-esque world map that reveals the development of countries over the last few hundred years in terms of poverty. An annotated timeline provides some interaction possibilities with the data.

Where possible, the poverty scale is representative of the United Nations Development Programmes' human development index (HDI). This HDI is a weighted index of GDP per capita, life expectancy (as indicator of health), literacy rates and school enrolment rates (indicators of education). Where UN data was not available, they have drawn from other sources including United Nations, World Bank development indicators, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics, and Task Force on Higher Education and Society.

The poverty threshold (the point at which countries turn from grey to orange) is equal to UNDP (2010) index for the highest ranking country in the 'Low Human Development' quartile (Kenya at 0.470)