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The project Visual Budget - an Interactive Guide to the Federal Budget [kickstarter.com] is raising funds on Kickstarter in order to build a cutting-edge data visualization website which will explain all the complicated ins and outs of the US Federal Budget, showcasing interactive charts and motion graphics. The money will be spent to develop an interactive prototype, which then will be used to raise additional money from philanthropies and foundations to fund the complete website.

The website will contain 'polished designs' of charts and pages, 'visual effects' that make charts come to life on screen, 'animated transitions' between charts with related information, and 'presentations and voice-overs' turning complex charts into digestible pieces.

While this project has already acquired more than the original $10,000 treshold after less than 2 days, you can still support this initiative with as little as $1. For $25, you will become a beta-tester.

(Note: Have little money and still wish to support something else that is worthwhile: participate in our online study!)


Thanks for the mention, Andrew!

We at Visual Budget look forward to sharing more for your readers in coming months as the project matures to release. In the meantime, we welcome any words of warning or sage advice from the design community to help us to do this right.

Eric Hochhalter

Sat 19 Mar 2011 at 11:55 AM
Eric Hochhalter
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