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For data nerds, nothing is as exciting as keeping tabs on an incredibly fast-paced but real-time data dashboard. So now that Firefox 4 has been released, you can allow those download statistics (now at 863,212) to dazzle your mind at Firefox Download Stats [mozilla.org]. Or, alternatively, you can keep focusing on the world map until a small download dot will appear somewhere in middle Africa...

Oh, you might note that the rectangles on the bottom in fact constitute a bar graph. You should also not forget to click on the sunburst icon in the bottom left corner, to reveal a... sunburst data graph with continent-, country- and city-specific download statistics. Enjoy!

See also Worldwide Real-Time Firefox Downloads Dashboard back in 2009.


I love these maps. This is great. I can sit here and just watch the downloads go.

Fri 25 Mar 2011 at 10:29 AM
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