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Social Compare [socialcompare.com] sees a conceptual gap between social networking and visual size comparison. The online tool enables everyone to easily compare the size of all sorts of artefacts, like objects (e.g. iPad vs. iPad 2), persons (e.g. Obama vs. Sarkozy), countries (e.g. USA vs. France) and the like. All visual comparisons can be saved to be shared on social networks or be embedded directly on blog post or website. In addition, size "tables" allow comparison of things that have no visual counterpart, such as Internet browsers, car performance statistics or sports and activities.

Ultimately, Social Compare believes it can become an new social community to create and share easily interactive and collaborative comparison tables. More information also watchable in a short introduction movie below.

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This is really cool! a great way to compare sizes virtually without comparing it in person. I love visualizing on things and because of this, I can decide which is which should I buy on gadgets.

Tue 22 Mar 2011 at 9:52 PM
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