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Whenever everything starts to look like a treemap or a network hairball, it is refreshing to see there are still some new ideas around. The Path of Protest [guardian.co.uk] by The Guardian forms a literal interpretation of a path-as-a-visualization, as it aggregates and represents the recent flood of pro-democracy rebellions in the Middle East.

The interactive timeline starts with the self-burning of a single man around December 2010 in Tunesia, and then follows the chain of events along parallel country-specific paths, until today. The color of the event flags posted along the way denotes different categories, such as political moves, regime changes, local protests or international responses.

Thnkx Aaron.


Great timeline. I am just wondering wether it was smart to order countries by alphabet though. If you order the countries geographicaly west to east it might show better how the rebellions spread from one region to the other. The addition of a map below that references that interactively could have reinforced that aspect too. How about a version 2.0?

Fri 15 Apr 2011 at 11:55 PM
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