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As an electronic self-portrait, the Atlas of the Habitual [tlclark.com] goes where no iPhone has been before. The interactive map consists of a large series of geo-located experiences, habits and routines of a single individual, captured in high detail over a time period of about 200 days.

Different aspects of the everyday life of Tim Clark were mapped unto 60 different categories to capture all his memories, actions and interactions at Bennington, Vermont, USA, between August 2010 and March 2011. The resulting categories include a wide range of fascinating aspects, such as "My location at 5:27pm on any given day" , "whenever I was wearing my blue hoodie", "the GPS unit malfunctioning", or "reliving and coming to terms with a recent breakup".

Evidently, one should not underestimate the great effort that went in to the data acquisition: each time Tim stepped outside, he had to activate the GPS feature on his mobile phone. He would then proceed to his desired end location, keeping in mind his experience from point A to B. He would then save the track and tag it with keywords. For example, a track named "Ben220KateAFRain" would stand for being in Bennington on February 20, with or going to see Kate, listening to the Arcade Fire album "The Suburbs," and while it was raining.