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Some people watch popular movies to just experience the impressive infographics rather than the character development, action, or intrigue. Well, I think so because at least I do.

So, here is a short overview of the infographic imagery [jtnimoy.net] used in the blockbuster movie Tron Legacy. These particular visual effects were designed and created by Josh Nimoy, who is also known from IBM's data baby advertisements, in close collaboration with Digital Domain's computer graphics specialists.

Ranging from the rendition of a emacs eshell to enable a 'posix kill' and 'pipe ps' into 'grep', to the simulation of some 'techno-aesthetic' fireworks, the online documentation provides a detailed overview of the technical tools that were used for most of the data-driven infographic effects in the movie, and even includes some behind-the-screen application screenshots. A must-see for anyone who likes the seductive power of dazzling data representations, or appreciates the extensive use of tools like OpenFrameworks, wxWidgets, and Processing.

By the way, if that is not enough, be sure to read an interview with Bradley Munkowitz aka GMUNK, the lead animated graphics artist of the movie, watch The Making of Tron: Legacy to check out all the other visual effects, or browse the extensive Flickr image sets.

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