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Since the impressive opening sequence of the movie Stranger than Fiction back in 2007, the use of floating and infographic bubbles has become pervasive in screen media, from showing health statistics in a fast food restaurant, to detailed information about your vegetables.

What was now only reserved to the world of infographic animation has been ported to real-time videoconferencing by some clever students at MIT Media Lab. "Kinected Conference" [media.mit.edu] uses so-called "contextual bubbles" to display information about the speaker, such as the name, any shared documents, and the personal speaking time. In addition, the system is able to measure the position and distance between physical objects in real time, and dynamically changes the depth of field to only show the person who speaking in a sharp image.

Watch the movie demonstration below.

For those preferring physical meetings above video-conferencing, but still wishing to visually reveal those people who dominate the conversation, there is still the Reflect Table.

Via Engadget.