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A Week on FourSquare [wsj.com] by the Wall Street Journal deciphers the worldwide data behind the emerging location-sharing service Foursquare for the week in January 2011.

The different visualizations available include an obvious heatmap of San Francisco showing where the most 'check-ins' occurred, a list revealing the distribution of the most popular venues world-wide, a line graph contrasting the differences between men and women in terms of their most preferred locations, and a categorically ordered list of the most popular locations by their absolute check-in frequency. You can read the accompanying news article here.

The most obvious discovered insights include the context of such geolocated data, and the motivations of people to reveal their physical location to others: "there's a lot more density and things to do in Manhattan", "people check in at big events to share the experience, and people check in when they're traveling, to announce to other people where they are" and "check-ins at airports and even doctor's offices are so popular [as that is] where you have time you're trying to kill".

Via @bretton2.