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Ever wanted to admire an extensive data visualization while showering? The Shower Calendar [matthiaslaschke.com] is a "persuasive" visualization of sorts that aims to encourage people to reduce their water consumption by informing them of their habits while showering. The system consists of a display installed within the shower, which shows a calendar view lined up with dots. The color of a dot corresponds to an individual family member, who identified herself before showering by pressing a button. A default circle represents about 60 liters of water, which then becomes smaller during the showering session to denote how much water is actually spent.

Bathing and showering typically takes up more than a third of the average water consumption of a single household. By highlighting the showering patterns of individual household members, a family should become more aware of their water consumption, which ultimately might result in a sustained behavioral change.

A short evaluation study with two families showed different reactions to their showering habits. You can watch a short documentary movie how the visualization works in-situ, or read their academic paper here (PDF).

See also show-me: Water Consumption in the Shower at a Glance.