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Social Memories [facebook.com] is a new Facebook app for those fans of personal infographics and Nicholas Felton-style annual reports. The book is automatically generated from your Facebook data, and includes, next to the obvious photos and status updates, various infographic illustrations of the meaning, relations and priorities in your online social behavior.

The printed images are selected by unique data trends (e.g. most popular or biggest photo album, friends most tagged with your name, who you photographed the most, and so on). The graphs include a timeline of photo submissions, status versus response ratio, the star sign distribution of friends, most active friends, most popular tags, friend gender distribution, an activity distribution, the events you attended, weekly activity statistics, friend home towns, and so on.

Developed by the Deutsche Post DHL, the 28 pages of glorified narcissism costs 19 Euros.

Watch a documentary movie depicting an example book below.

Via datavisualization.ch.