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The infographic representing the meanings of different colors in different cultures by David McCandless has been featuring the cover of his book Information is Beautiful. About a year ago, it was also the subject of a visualization critique [PDF] by Stephen Few, in which he remarked its "design failures", and questioned its "integrity" and "usefulness".

However, some people seem not to have minded and created an identical diagram, but then with some powerful interactive features added. The visualization Interactive Colours in Culture [zoho.co.uk] thus reveals, among others, how the color red conveys success and good luck in Chinese culture, whereas Westerners connote it to danger. No universal contest exists on the dominant color for 'evil', however.

UPDATE: An interactive version of Stephen Fews' grid view is now available as well.

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Thanks Andrew for the mention. Your timing is amazing as I just added a Stephen Few inspired "grid" view.


Thu 05 May 2011 at 3:37 AM
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