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Cal-Adapt [cal-adapt.org], developed by UC Berkeley's Geospatial Innovation Facility with funding from the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program, provides the tools and data for researchers, decision makers, and the general public, to better understand the risks posed by climate change

The web-based "climate adaptation planning tool" displays a variety of climate change-related scenarios in a map format, by modeling various projections through the end of the century. The various map-based tools include projections from 1950 through 2099 related to the topics of snow pack, wildfire risk, flooding vulnerability if sea level rises, low and high temperatures, and the amount of temperature change from now through the end of the century. All the data used can be explored through location-specific charts, and statistics are given for any selected point on the map. Accordingly, given the state's many microclimates, it is possible people take away something completely different from the maps depending on where they live.

Lastly, all the data is freely and directly available for download, allowing other researchers and experts to make use of the data, for instance for complementing their own research.