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Interactive art master Golan Levin designed an easily adjustable lasercut stencil, which can be used to spray paint pie chart data graphics anywhere in the street. Infovis Graffiti [flong.com] includes an adjustable pie chart stencil and a collection of re-arrangeable letters and numbers, allowing for changing the message and percentage values on the fly.

The physical design of the stencil has been considered for real-world usage, as, for instance, the letters are designed to be held in place with adhesive tape, the outer perimeter of the pie chart is etched with 100 tick-marks, making it easy to estimate the exact location of a percentage, and the letters are provided in proportion to letter frequency.

To top it all off, anyone with a laser cutter (or a strong arm and sharp knife) can download the actual design and produce the stencil for themselves.

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