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As the first map in what is meant to be a series of different visualizations in the near future, the OneBayArea Travel Map [onebayarea.org] reveals approximately how far one can travel from any point in the Bay Area by car (single occupant or using the carpool lane), public transit, bike, or on foot, at particular times of the day. The resulting view can then be filtered by a maximum and minimum travel time, and the median price of homes in each area.

Accordingly, the tool is ideal to discover areas in which one wishes to buy or rent property, depending on individual financial and commuting preferences.

More information is also available at the Stamen blog.




Such map always helpful for traveler. It cut the time and also it make sure that traveler never get mislead or misguided...but if the map is wrong then one can't do anything ;)

Mon 27 Jun 2011 at 8:29 PM
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