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Any architect recognizes the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), lead by star architect Rem Koolhaas, as one of the most important and thought-provoking architectural firms in the world. The counterpart to OMA's architectural practice is AMO, a design and research studio that specifically focuses on areas beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, such as media, politics, sociology, technology, fashion or graphic design.

Remarkably, it seems AMO is getting more and more active in developing complex-scale, mass-medium data graphics. In February of this year, they presented the "Energy Report" for the WWF, a comprehensive study claiming that the world can be 100 percent reliant on renewable energy by 2050.

More recently, they launched the Roadmap 2050 for the European Climate Foundation, illustrating a comprehensive policy roadmap for the next 10 years based on Europe's commitment to an 80-95% reduction in CO2 emissions by the year 2050.

The reports (see PDF version of Energy Report and PDF version of Roadmap 2050) are densely packed with story-telling infographics. There are also some accompanying videos available below. Meanwhile, infographic critique experts can sharpen their pens.

Via Arch Daily.