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Expat Explorer [hsbc.com] provides a visual overview of how 25 countries are ranked according to the opinions of those best placed to compare the quality of living in different countries: people living abroad.

The interactive, geo-located bubble world map is based on a large survey of about 4,000 expats conducted in 2010. Individual criteria can be selected under the broad categories of economic wellbeing, lifestyle/experience and the wellbeing of children to contrast the performance of different countries. Pairs of countries can be compared side by side in detail (through a bar graph ranking...: anyone wants to comment on this?), in addition to some links to relevant information such as specific tax and country guides.


Thanks for the feature, infosthetics! If anyone wants to look at the Expat Explorer site, the URL is expatexplorer.hsbc.com - you can't get to it directly from hsbc.com

Thanks and keep up the great site!

Fri 03 Jun 2011 at 8:15 AM
Richard Fray
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