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Chartwell [tktype.com] by Travis Kochel is a downloadable font type that allows designers to easily create web or print-based infographics, based on the automatic translation of numerical values into visual shapes. Next to featuring a normal alphabet, the Chartwell font utilizes OpenType to interpret and then visualize specific numbers and values inside web code, so that all this data remains editable and updatable at all times.

In practice, Chartwell Web uses Javascript to search for appropriate data strings, which are immediately swapped with infographic depictions, and then wrapped in easily targeted classes for styling.

So, if purchased and correctly installed, simple HTML code like:

<div class="chartwell-pies">10+40+50</div>
actually will show up as a pie chart...

I brokered a unique deal for interested infosthetics.com readers. You can use Coupon Code "INFOSTHETICS", expiring on August 1, to get $10 off the "Chartwell Complete Set" (does not apply to the individual styles). This offer is limited to the first 100 buyers

Via @krees.


This seems a really smart "hack" to what you'd normally would expect from a font. I wonder if can stand the test of being implemented in a real web production environment. At least +1 for keeping data more or less readable for textreaders.

Tue 05 Jul 2011 at 12:50 AM
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