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The CommonCensus Map Project [commoncensus.org] aims to 'redraw' the map of the United States based on the input of its citizens, in order to reveal the boundaries people 'feel', as opposed to the state and county boundaries drawn by politicians. It relies on the reports of over 60,591 people who volunteered to reveal the names of places with which they identify themselves the most, in addition to their favorite sports team.

Accordingly, the website present maps on the perception of belonging on two different topics:
- Sports, such as how the physical location of fans correspond to that of their favorite team, for leagues such as the NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball) or NFL (football).
- Communities, such as how people relate to a major city or a local neighborhood.

If you are interested in this, you definitely appreciate the "Connected States of America" project by MIT Senseable Lab, which focused on aggregating and clustering social communities based on mobile phone data traffic.

Via a highly interesting post on Why States Matter at the Urbanphile.