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GE's newest public health-related visualization has been designed by MIT Senseable Lab, as yet another proof how the multinational, conglomerate corporation is partnering with some of the most respected visualization designers (e.g. David McCandless, Lisa Strausfield I and II and Ben Fry I, II and III).

Health InfoScape [geblogs.com] is a "disease network" that illustrates the relationships between various ailment conditions and how common those connections are. It can be filtered by gender, and the lay-out can vary between a circle and a more traditional weighted network. These graphs are based on about 7.2 million electronic anonymized patient records (owned by G.E., naturally), thus representing the most important conditions that affect Americans today.

By exploring the disease network, one should be able to investigate how different ailments are related or associated, as the numbers and percentages represent general trends found in the database. The size of the nodes correspond to the prevalence in their respected networks.

See also Diseasome Disease Network, Curehunter and Epidemiological Diseases Map.