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Mapnificent [mapnificent.net] by Stefan Wehrmeyer reveals the specific geographical area one is able to reach by using public transport from any point in a city, and within a given time. The service is currently available for most major cities in the U.S., and for quite a few other cities worldwide. One simply chooses a specific location, or places a draggable pin on the online map, selects a specific time span, and the reachable zone is highlighted on the map.

Interestingly, these time- and location-based queries can also be combined with a 'traditional' search for local services, like 'coffee places' or 'musea'. Accordingly, one can figure out a good restaurant that is located within 15 minutes travel time of a public transport bus, for instance.

For those interested, the service is conceptually closely similar to Mapumental.


Fascinating, so many different variables to consider with traffic flow, traffic light synchronisation, weather etc. all to see which cafes are viable during lunch hour.

Wed 03 Aug 2011 at 6:20 PM
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