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Erich Fisher's photo stream at Flickr is already well know for its detailed maps that highlight the locations of photos taken by tourists versus locals and the geographical distribution of racial and ethnic divides in cities around the world.

His latest set combines the locations stored at Flickr with those at Twitter, so that the the maps highlight where people post geo-tagged photos to Flickr (red) from and geo-tagged tweets to Twitter from (blue), or both (white). Or in other words, the maps reveal the places that people like to keep visually, with those that provoke a thought or quote.

The results are particularly beautiful and informative on a continental level: when admiring the renderings for Europe or the whole of US, its like looking to the Earth from space, but then without the need for any dangerous travel. The maps are also available for individual cities throughout the world, like New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro or Kuala Lumpur.




Beautiful, but is it just dense population in The Netherlands, Belgium and southern UK, or is there huge activity there?

Tue 12 Jul 2011 at 6:32 AM
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