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paper planes.jpg

SMS to Paper Airplanes [christiangross.info] presents a quite charming way of showing the message exchange in a long-distance relationship: each text message exchanged by the couple is translated into a unique paper plane, of which the physical dimensions depend on the content, style, and length of the actual message. Together, the planes form a physical exhibit, representing 369 messages between the author and his partner between September 2010 until April 2011.

The text messages were filtered and analyzed using Processing. The sender was encoded by the direction of the paper airplane, the length of the message with its size, and the amount of positive emotional words with the amounts of folds. Additionally, the paper airplanes were divided in two types depending on the length of their text. Finally, the paper airplanes resulting from this construction plan were placed in the room depending on the time when they were sent, as well as their emotional value.

The project was created by Christian GroƟ in a class called called "program development" by Jens Wunderling at the interface design program at FH Potsdam, Germany.

This post was written by Moritz Stefaner, a researcher and freelance practitioner on the crossroads of design and information visualization. Occasionally, he blogs at well-formed-data.net.