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This post was written by Andy Kirk, founder and editor of visualisingdata.com. Andy will be guest editing Information Aesthetics for a short period while Andrew takes a well earned break.

Hyemi Song is a Korean designer who has been actively building an impressive array of creative visual work going back to 2002.

Reflecting on a portfolio of 63 student and professional projects, Hyemi recently decided to find a suitably creative solution to bring them together and showcase them to the world. The result is an engaging, interactive arrangement [hyemisong.com] presenting details of the most significant works within this catalogue.

The portfolio can be explored by selecting the date of production or the project design type (interaction, graphic, motion or miscellaneous). As well as information visualizations, her projects include art work, animation, installations and interactive pieces.

Each project includes details such as the background context and motivation, the tools used, any awards achieved and the nature of the work (such as academic or commercial). The final designs are typically accompanied by informative process sketches and preparatory work.

One highlight is "The Temperature of the Mind", a project that visually represents the strength, polarity and nature of Hyemi's emotions across 380 diary entries made during 2006. This work was included as an 'Adobe Design Achievement Award' finalist in 2007.

Hyemi has also provided extremely thorough process documentation which shares thoughts on went into the conception, design and implementation of this interactive gallery, examining and explaining details such as the use of colour, the site's architecture, the project meta-data and many other elements.

Note that Hyemi's Flash-based site appears to runs smoothly in most browsers but is probably best viewed using Google Chrome.