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How Many Really [howmanyreally.com] by Berg London for the BBC is another example of 'situated' visualization, in that its goal exists in contrasting factual data with one's own personal situation or knowledge. It is conceptually similar to a previous project for the BBC, How Big Really?, which solely focused on overlaying the size of places and events to one's physical location.

How Many Really compares the number of people involved in key historical events or situations with the number of people one knows through social media like Facebook or Twitter by way of sizing rectangles or zooming out of a collection of icons representing people. Alternatively, one can select a relevant number, or benchmark with the number of people that fit in some everyday physical objects like a bus or a Boeing 747.

Accordingly, one can discover how the seating arrangement might look like when the whole UK Government would have to fit in a double-decker bus, or how a bus-load of people complete disappears (at least on my resolution of screen) when compared to the 16,600,000 children orphaned due to AIDS worldwide.

Other visualizations that relate information to your social profile, include 9/11+, Museum of Me and Social Memories

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