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The website titled "Visualizing Our Future Selves"[news21.com] attempts to answer the question how the dramatically aging demographics in the US will change over the next 40 years.

It is an example of a 'personalized' visualization of sorts, in that users are asked to submit their personal demographic data, such as birth year, race, state, living situation and gender. The resulting diagrams then reveals country-wide statistical information in the context of one's own situation, divided into 4 different groups: Population, State, Health and Finances. Accordingly, the application shows an animated population pyramid, a population age density map of the US, a disease (e.g. cancer, heart disease, diabetes) prevalence forecast, and an income versus expenditure comparison filtered by several demographic variables.

Accordingly, good statistics say there is a good chance I will still be alive in 2030, should then probably live in Utah to not meet other people of my age, and have a 1 in 4 chance to be diagnosed with cancer. Now, who will actually pay for my retirement pension, that is another question...

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Thnkx to the new visualizing.org player, you can also try it out below.