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Based on the music listening habits of Musicovery's registered members database, Mapping Music by Likes [musicovery.com] demonstrates how people's general music preferences share some universal values. In particular, when the ratio between number of listeners who tagged "I like" and "I don't like" is calculated, it can be observed that almost all positively ranked songs carry some form of "universal" values, such as wisdom, compassion, love, peace, ...

The visualization consists of a scatterplot, in which the size of the squares correspond to the number of users who tagged that song as a favorite. The Y-axis represents a general consensus that the songs are likeable, or not-likeable.

Naturally, next to discovering insights in the context of music listening habits, the visualization also allows the exploration of songs you might not have considered before, based on genre and approval of others.

More detailed information about this project can be found here.