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re.vu [re.vu] is the newest contender in the race towards 'instant' infographics of your professional resume. Similar to visualize.me, re.vu connects to your LinkedIn profile to automatically retrieve the necessary data which then turns up as infographic imagery on a beautiful webpage with a dedicated URL.

Next to choosing a visual theme, adding a downloadable hard-copy version, and fine-tuning and illustrating the pulled LinkedIn data, re.vu seems to offer quite some more features than visualize.me. For instance, re.vu allows people to add several layers of alternative information to further spice up the online resume in a remarkably easy way.

Additional infographic features include 'vital stats' (numerical facts that appear as cool-looking badges), 'job duties' (% of responsibilities that appear as donut pie charts), 'interests over time' (appearing as smooth, overlapping timelines) and 'percentages' (dotted graph), next to several more. Other add-on features include a dashboard revealing the web analytics of the infographic page, such as the number of visits and downloads of your resume, as well as a QR tag creation tool that points to the URL and can be added to business cards and the like.

In the future, re.vu plans to introduce premium accounts, which should deliver value-added services such as personal branding and promotion missions. Even more, the infographic resume is considered only "as a starting point", and other avenues are planned.

So the obvious question is: which one is better, from an aesthetic versus readability perspective? (you could, for instance, compare the two renditions of my own LinkedIn profile: re.vu and visualize.me version, as test case)


It's pretty clear to me that the re.vu rendition looks better and would be more successful.

The other one kind of looks like the hot dog on a stick people tried to do something visual. Yuck.

Thu 27 Oct 2011 at 2:56 PM

Beware - re.vu apparently doesn't let you delete your account if you don't like the timeline.

Tue 15 Nov 2011 at 11:00 PM
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