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Bloomberg's Business Week has featured a small collection of interactive graphs to convey their biannual ranking of the best part-time and executive MBA programs worldwide. 4 separate at-a-glance exploration tools contrast all individual rankings against each other. For each type of program, there are 2 separate interactive graphics, one displaying the ranking results and the other displaying the results of a survey of the students based on 12 key questions.

Accordingly, the rankings are presented as "The Complete Executive MBA Ranking" and "What Executive MBA Students Really Think" (part-time MBA programs are mentioned here: "Part-Time MBA Programs: Drilling Down" and "The Complete Part-Time MBA Ranking").

Users can hover the mouse over each of the graphs to contrast the rankings of individual schools by separate attributes. For instance, do high tuitions necessarily correspond to students becoming "high execs" (answer: no). Do small class sizes imply higher completion rates (answer: not necessarily)

Thnkx David.