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The German Energy Landscape [geblogs.com], designed by Gregor Aisch, reveals some important facts and statistics about the German energy generation and consumption. Germany is one of the frontrunners regarding energy generation, having recently decided to close down all its nuclear reactors, in order to further emphasize the development of renewable sources, such as solar, wind, biomass, water, and geothermal power.

The interactive graphs show Germany's different energy sources (such as oil, gas, and renewables), energy resource dependence (e.g. whether these resources originate from within the country, or from somewhere else), and predicted energy mix (how the sources will change in the next 40 years according to 3 different and independent organizations).

The visualization makes use of the so-called streamgraph technique, originally invented as ThemeRiver, which was probably best popularized by the NYTimes movie revenue infographic back in 2008. The technique was also used to represent music listening habits (later also called WaveGraphs), Tokyo living statistics and news memes.

Interestingly, Gregor made available all the source code to create such StreamGraphs in Actionscript here. It's original Processing version can be downloaded here.


I don't see the point of using a streamgraph here. It makes it harder to see clearly how the total consumption has increased. Clicking on a stream moves it so the lower bound is horizontal, that's easier to read, but they could have stayed with the streamgraph form, and put the other streams on top and below the currently selected one (so that when nothing is selected you see the total clearly, by clicking a stream it turns into a streamgraph with jagged upper- and lower bounds).

Thu 01 Dec 2011 at 1:26 AM
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