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Helsinki, Finland-based based startup Hitlantis [hitlantis.com] aims to put upcoming indie bands more into the foreground of potential listeners and buyers.

By combining the visualization focus demonstrated by several other visual music search services like MusicPlasma and Musicovery with Bloom's space galaxy interface in their iPad app Planetary, Hitlantis equally uses a strong visual metaphor to encourage people to explore their vast online music collection.

The bubble map itself is divided into different musical genres, each distinguished by a different color. Individual artists 'orbit' the core as unique bubbles, which increase in size as their content is shared, liked or bought. So the more 'attention' an artist receives, the larger it grows, and the closer it gravitates toward the center of the 'universe'.

Hitlantis is actually a 'live action' map showing visually what is going on: for instance, the pulsating artist balls reveal what bands are currently played by the music player. The free service saves on royalty fees by only offering access to indie songs: music bands can upload songs and post their own content.

More information about the startup is available at VentureBeat.

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