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Money - A Chart of All of It, Where It Is and What It Can Do [xkcd.com] by Randall Munroe's webcomic xkcd is the epitome of all infographics: an immensely large chart, accompanied by some immensely small captions, that together compare the different amounts of money flowing in the world. From single dollar amounts to those huge trillion numbers that we now regularly hear about in the news, it's all included by representing the individual quantities by an accompanying number of small squares.

How does 2008 global financial recession impact the US versus Europe? Where and what is the "1%"? What is the value of a solid gold toilet? How much money is spent during the elections, and on who? Or how much loose change fits in a one-gallon jug? Explore the chart to discover, and figure out the sources behind the hard numbers here.

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Made me think of The Billon Dollar-o-Gram.