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Justin Matejka at Autodesk Research has recently released the sophisticated visualization "Citeology: Visualizing Paper Genealogy" [autodeskresearch.com]. The visualization shows the 3,502 unique academic research papers that were published at the CHI and UIST, two of the most renowned human-computer interaction (HCI) conferences, between the years 1982 and 2010.

All the articles are listed by year and sorted with the most cited papers in the middle, whereas the 11,699 citations that connect the articles to one another are represented by curved lines. Selecting a single paper reveals colors the papers from the past that the paper referenced in blue, in addition to the future articles which referenced it, in brownish-red. Titles, The resulting graphs can be explored as a low-rez interactive screen, or as a high-rez, static PDF graph.

Little fact: the 1985 paper titled "A theory of stimulus-response compatibility applied to human-computer interaction" seemed to have created the longest chain of paper-to-paper citations.

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Be sure to also check their previous visualization project, "Command Usage Arc Diagrams", revealing the interaction patterns of AutoCAD software, based on over 60 million commands generated by anonymized users.