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Timelinks is a new start-up, based in Brooklyn, New York. It is currently developing a new kind of 3D timeline interface that highlights the relationships between people and the moments when paths cross. The idea is that Timelinks will catalogue all the images one has stored in the cloud and on social media websites. As a unique feature, it will visually 'link' the timelines of different people with each other when images were taken together. Technically, Timelinks currently uses WebGL, but expects to later also target Stage3d (Flash).

Although Timelinks is currently in full development phase, it has recently launched the "most amazing visualization of Hollywood movies" [timelinks.me], which shows the shared histories of actors, the timing and trajectory of their careers, along with those occurrences when actors have been key players in each other's lives.

Although the concept is reminiscent of Facebook's Timeline, Timelinks focuses more on revealing the world's interconnectedness, instead of being an personalized archiving tool. However, one can easily imagine how Timelinks would be able to visualize multiple Facebook timelines at once, when they become more widely available.