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The Carbon Calculator [appspot.com] developed by Vizzuality is an interactive mapping tool that reveals the potential contribution of any selected area in the world to climate change mitigation.

Using the data delivered by CBD Secretariat (Convention on Biological Diversity), LifeWeb (CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas) and UNEP-WCMC (UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre), the online tool calculates rough estimates of user-selected areas on a wide set of parameters, including: the carbon stored in above and below ground live biomass and soil, the percentage overlap with existing protected areas, the status of forests, the restoration potential inside selected areas, the maximum carbon sequestration potential.

As an original approach, the mapping tool allows users to draw a line around their area(s) of interest, or select any protected area, from which the detailed information and statistics are shown.

See also Showing Geo-Located Points with the 'HexBin' Method.

Via @JanWillemTulp.