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"Every death on every road in Great Britain 1999-2010" [bbc.co.uk] by the BBC shows the accumulation of 2,396,750 unique crashes that occurred between 1999 and 2010, on a single, beautifully rendered map. It also contains a small series of animated time-lapse movie that aggregates the crashes per hour and per weekday. The intensity of brightness shows where road collisions have been more frequent.

The BBC also offers alternative means to explore the data, such as a few revealing infographics (showing that most pedestrian crashes happen around school home time; bikers account for 1% of all accidents, yet leading to 21% of all fatalities, etc.) and an interactive map to allows for investigating neighborhoods of choice.

The maps seem to be based on the same dataset that also drove Road Casualties UK 2000 - 2010 by ITOWorld.

See also Britain Seen from Above.




The BBC title is deeply misleading. This is NOT an illustration of every "death" on UK roads but of every crash. 2.4 million deaths on roads over a period of 10 years? I think not.

Fri 06 Jan 2012 at 11:52 AM
Will Sheward
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