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Similar to the original approach in 2011, this year's State of the Union was made available online in a so-called 'enhanced' version, which basically consisted of a split-screen video that shows President Obama giving his speech on one side, and a large collection contextual information and facts, as well as infographics, on the other. In other words: 1 hour and 5 minutes worth of high-level political facts, captured in 102 unique slides, of which about 26 can be labelled as visualization of some kind.

You can watch the 'enhanced' version of the State of the Union 2012 below or at the White House website [whitehouse.gov] itself.

Importantly, there are already some critical reviews available, about this year's infographics [thewhyaxis.info], but also about those of last year [fastfedora.com]. These reviews are quite worthwhile to read, as they point out some potential discrepancies in terms of the graphical representation, and the narrative it tries to convey.

See also Obama Presidency by Numbers: Contrasting Statements with Statistics and Obama Loves Infographics.