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The NYTimes released a competitive dashboard of sorts, titled "The 2012 Money Race: Compare the Candidates" [nytimes.com]. Basically, the interactive graphic allows readers to contrast the various performance parameters in terms of fundraising from 2 presidential candidates next to each other. Another recent graphic [nytimes.com] lists the hundreds of organizations and people that fund the so-called Super PACs that are officially not controlled by those very candidates.

As also explained in the accompanying press article, both infographics reveal how President Obama continues to outraise all of the candidates currently seeking the Republican nomination. It is also remarkable, however, that some checks seem to come from sources obscured from public view, like those with only a post office box for a headquarters, and no known employees.

If you like to play around with the data yourself, you should be able to find it at the Federal Election Commission website (which, in fact, also publish simple but interactive infographics of their own).